Dr. Foster is a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 27 years of experience evaluating and responding to allegations of child abuse. From 1995 to 2012, she served as Director of the Assessment & Resource Center, a nationally accredited Children’s Advocacy Center now known as the Metropolitan Children’s Advocacy Center (Met CAC). In this role, she honed her expertise in the forensic interviewing of children, evidence-based treatments, and how child abuse investigations are conducted. Dr. Foster continues her work at the Met CAC in a part-time capacity as Chief Psychologist.  Dr. Foster has developed a national reputation as a trainer of other professionals in the field and has consulted and testified as an expert in South Carolina, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, federal district courts, and courts-martial for the Army, Air Force, and Navy. Since 1998, Dr. Foster’s private practice has focused on court-referred interventions for divorced or divorcing parents as well as criminal and civil case consultations involving child victims and witnesses.

Through her years of evaluating allegations of child abuse, Dr. Foster also developed an interest in detecting and managing false allegations. She understands parental alienation dynamics as one source of concern, and alienation as its own form of child maltreatment. Dr. Foster is sometimes involved in conducting reunification workshops when ordered by the family court.

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